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Macedon United

Macedon United is a Venture Capital Firm that is focused on partnering with innovative individuals located in the Latin American or Caribbean region. The fund is focused on commercial and academic aerospace-related technologies. However, the fund is not exclusive to this industry. Macedon United is currently working with projects from Mexico to Argentina. The personnel at Macedon United believe Latin America is home to the next aerospace revolution. There is incredible excitement and opportunity to be found in this region of the world. Macedon United believes investments should benefit the host country and improve the lives of its people. By investing in people, the economies will benefit greatly.

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Recent Aruba Trip

Macedon United's Team recently visited Aruba. They had the privilege to meet with local entrepreneurs and potential investment opportunities

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Upcoming Latin America Trip

Macedon United's team will be visiting Costa Rica and El Salvador in the first quarter of 2024 to meet with entrepreneurs and potential investment opportunities.

Justin Pearson will take another team to Brazil in the summer of 2024.

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The greatest untapped aerospace market

The United States should be actively partnering with Latin American countries. The aerospace industry is one of the most important industries that is staged to benefit from this cooperation.

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